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LISAS has achieved considerable success in UPSC ...

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LISAS has started a centre for Rural Development ...

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LISAS has achieved considerable success in ...

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LISAS organizes FOUNDATION COURSE to groom the students from Under-graduate stage in order to enable them to join All India Civil Services at young age of 21-22 years. The classes are conducted on Friday and Saturday in the evening hours.

  • "LISAS is doing excellent work to prepare Orissa’s young aspirants for Central and State CivilServices".

    N.R Hota I.A.S(Retd))

  • "I wish LISAS all success with their venture in preparing candidates for Civil Services Examinations ".

    S. Pradhan, IRS)

  • " LISAS all the best for now and for the future".

    Subrat Sahoo, IAS)

  • "LISAS’IAS is doing a commendable job by giving coaching to those  young people preparing for various Competitive Exminations".

    Prof. A.C. Pradhan)

  • "I found the atmosphare quite genial and the aspirants enthusiastic. I wish the students and the centre all the best".

    M.S. Padhi, IAS)

  • "LISAS Study Circle played a vital role in ensuring my success in Civil Services Exam-2007 conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)".

    Aparajeet Pattanayak, CSE (UPSC) 2007, Rank - 477)

  • "Thanks for providing me the initial launchpad to the success of getting 95th rank in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2006. the platform provided by this institute has helped me immensely in realising my goal. My association with LISAS is definitely a stepping stone in achieving my goal".

    Sarthak Sarani, IPS, CSE (UPSC), 2006)

  • "I am grateful to LISAS’IAS which provided me excellent coahcing and guidance at all stages of this examination".

    Soumendra Kumar Priyadarsi, IPS, CSE(UPSC), 1994)

  • "I am grateful to LISAS’IAS institute for proper gudiance and encouragement".

    Satyasai Rath, IRS, CSE (UPSC), 2003)

  • "I am grateful to staff and faculty of LISAS’IAS for their cooperation".

    Madhab Chandra Mishra, IRS, CSE (UPSC), 2003)

  • "I am gratly thankful to your institution for imparting valuable guidance which gave me a great success beyond my imagination".

    Dilip Kumar Sahoo, 11th Rank, OAS, 1994)

  • "I am grateful to you for your excellent coahcing which made me a TOPPER in OAS".

    Kabindra Kumar Sahoo, 1st Rank in OAS, 1995)

  • "I am grateful to your for your excellent coaching which made me a TOPPER in OAS".

    Babita Mohanty, 1st among lady camndidates in OAS, 1996)

  • "LISAS gave me right direction and the prerequisite knowledge for achieving success in each and every stage of Orissa Civil Services Exams".

    Sibani Mohanty, OAS, 1997)

  • "I pay my gratitufe and thanks to LISAS’ family for their untiring and constant guidance, inspiration and motivation. LISAS is my almamater".

    Santanu Mohanty, 1st Rank in OAS, 2000)

  • "Quality teaching materials, guidance and personal care of your institution helped me a lot throughout my preparation".

    Saphalya Mandit Pradhan, 7th Rank, OAS, 2000)

  • "When I joined LISAS I was raw. But LISAS brought about a great transformation for which I stood 8th in OCS 2000 exam".

    Debabrata Sahoo, 8th Rank, OAS, 2000)

  • "I express my sincere regards to you who were exclusively responsible to make me what I am today. LONG LIVE LISAS".

    Debasish Patnaik, 9th Rank, OAS, 2000)